Interior designer job

Seeking a talented Interior designer

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Option One Interior is seeking to recruit some experienced, talented and enthusiastic Interior designer / 3D visualiser to join our team. We organize all types of interior design like Corporate Office Interior design, Residence & Home Interior design, Apartment interior design and Decoration, Living Room, Master bedroom & Child bedroom design, Kitchen cabinet design, Restaurant interior design, Showroom interior design, Hospital & Bank interior design etc. It`s a challenging work as well as creative.


Job Responsibilities

  • Capable to prepare creative Layout Plan, Furniture Layout by Auto CAD and 3D designs by Sketch-up, 3D MAX, Auto CAD, V-Ray and Photoshop, etc.
  • Interior Design of Retail Outlet, Residential Apartments, Office interior, Resort Interior.
  • Preparing Working Drawing & Documentation as per design and specification.
  • Estimation of the proposed design.
  • 3 D Visualization with proper scale & proportion.
  • Client office visit & preparing design as per client demand.
  • Ensuring sample production according to the guideline.
  • Must be punctual in discharging duties, hard-working, and honest, sincere and dynamic person.


Employment Status



Educational Requirements

  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Interior Design / Diploma in Engineering in Interior Design / Diploma in Engineering in Architecture


Experience Requirements

  • 1 to 2 year(s)


Additional Requirements

  • Age 22 to 35 years
  • Both males and females are allowed to apply
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • M.S Office (Word, PowerPoint & Excel)


Job Location

Dhaka (Uttara)





Compensation & Other Benefits

  • Mobile bill
  • Festival Bonus: 2(Yearly)
  • As per company policy


Read Before Apply

If you think you are the right person we are looking for then please apply with a current passport size photograph.

*Photograph must be enclosed with the resume.

Email: [email protected]


Living Room Trends

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When it comes to your living room, staying on trend is the key. The good news is that by utilizing small accessories, you can exchange them for something that’s in the season when the time comes. Accent pieces are a great way to change the look of your living room, especially if it’s not the right time for a major renovation. Here are a few places you can incorporate living room trends:

  • Coffee Table Centerpieces
  • Throw Pillows
  • Area Rugs
  • Shelf Décor
  • Table Lamps
  • Mirrors
  • Decorative Vases
  • Coffee Table Centerpieces

Coffee Table Centerpieces
Never overlooked, the coffee table is where the living room centres, so naturally you want to have objects that are eye-catching. Coffee table centrepieces are an important element in your living room décor. Currently, gemstones and metal accessories are popular in home décor. I’d suggest adding a stone coffee table tray to help highlight these elements. Large candles are also a coffee table centrepiece that will never go out of style. Try adding one with a beautiful scent to add another welcoming element to the room.

Throw Pillows
Throw PillowsWho doesn’t love a good throw pillow? With so many colours, patterns and textures available, you may not know where to start. It’s best to get a comfortable pillow where you’re able to change out the pillowcase with the trends. Right now, mixed textures, tassels and of course the Pantone colour of the year, ultraviolet, are elements you can keep in mind when picking out your living room throw pillows.

Area Rugs
If you want an element that really pops, try a bright and colourful area rug in your living room. Often, area rugs are an investment, so this may not be an item you change quite as often. Try to match your area rug to the overall colour scheme of the room. If you’re worried about having that large of an item be too bold, try mixing a pattern. Geometric patterns such as honeycomb, herringbone and lattice shapes are hot right now. A living room area rug in one of these patterns will certainly stand out.

Shelf Décor
Have you ever wondered how little Knick knacks stand out in a room? Decorative shelves can help highlight these small objects you want to stand out. From small succulent planters to wooden block signs, these are fun to have but often can get hidden by the larger elements in a room. Having a few shelves in your living room dedicated to showcasing these accessories can help. One rule to follow is to add items in odd sets, keeping larger sized items off centre to keep the eye moving. Don’t over clutter your shelves either, keep things spaced evenly so you can enjoy all your beautiful accessories.

If you have side tables next to your couches, these are the perfect place for a lamp that can make a statement in your living room. As mid-century modern styles are becoming popular once more, consider a ceramic lamp or a standing brass lamp. If this isn’t really your style, another popular trend is a simple white lamp with a lampshade in a bold colour. Don’t forget about statement lighting and chandeliers that can hang over your space, in addition to your table lamps.

You may not have considered mirrors as a décor element for your living room, but they really are the perfect wall decoration. Not only do they help distribute light around a room, but they also are a great focal point in the living room. While large mirrors are certainly a statement piece, if you’re on a budget, you might want to try organizing a few smaller mirrors in various sizes on a wall. Mixing up the shapes and sizes can help you to create a unique gallery wall that’s sure to impress your guests!

Decorative VasesDecorative Vases
Decorative vases can sometimes be overlooked but are the perfect pop of colour near a brick fireplace or bland mantel. With so many different shapes and sizes, you’ll have the freedom to choose the vase that’s right for you. However, for living room décor, clustering vases can bring all the items together. Again, working in odd numbers is best. Vases that match in colour and pattern in three to five sizes are perfect. You can choose to fill them with flowers but leaving them empty is perfectly acceptable as well.

If you like vases, but don’t have enough table space, consider adding one large floor vase. These are perfect for corners that you’re not sure how to otherwise decorate or next to an entertainment centre. It’s a good idea to fill these with faux ornamental grasses or reeds to complete the look.

Finding the right living room décor can be tricky because there’s so much available, but it’s important to know what décor you can prioritize and place properly to add more style. Make a few simple changes and try arranging your current décor differently to have a living room that pops!

Decorating Ideas

Decorating Ideas That Won’t Cost A Fortune

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Home trends change quickly. What was in style this year could easily be out the next. Not only can home décor be difficult to keep up with, but it can be an expensive investment; not to mention the time that goes into redecorating a home! As you make home décor decisions, these are surely priorities that will be top of mind.

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If you want to instantly brighten up a room, mirrors are your best bet. When placed correctly, a mirror can reflect natural light throughout your room to make your space seem larger and more enjoyable.

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Indoor plants will never go out of style, but their planters might. Minimal and rustic design planters in stone, wood or brass are currently trending. While this is a style I love, it could change at any time. That’s why it’s reassuring to know that you can dress up a container yourself and turn it into a planter, for much less.

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Large vases make a statement, unfortunately, they’ll also make a dent in your bank account. If you enjoy painting and DIY projects, I suggest finding a cheaper vase at your local craft store and dressing it up with glass paint. You can paint it all one colour, or create a design that matches your room’s décor.

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Rustic Furniture

While you should never compromise on quality furniture if you have an old piece that just needs some TLC (try using chalk paint).

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You might not buy lampshades often and that’s for a good reason. Lampshades are expensive items, though they’ll last a long time.

Wall ArtUncategorized Archives - Option One - Interior

Unless it’s a piece of art you love, there are many affordable choices you have to create wall art. It could be as simple as framing a print of your favourite pattern.

PillowsUncategorized Archives - Option One - Interior

So small, yet so expensive. Throw pillows are a versatile item that can go anywhere in the home and really help pull the room together. However, it may require more than just one to complete the look. And with styles changing so frequently, you may be changing out fabrics and patterns more than you’d like.