Interior Consultation

Project Evaluation-Programming and Analysis

⦁ Define needs and goals
⦁ Analyze function of space
⦁ Determine use of existing furniture
⦁ Identify style
⦁ Establish budget
⦁ Define technical requirements
⦁ Measure areas included in project

Schematics and Drafting

⦁ Provide working drawings to include furniture plan, drapery elevations, sketches
⦁ Preliminary review and evaluation of drawing

Design Development

⦁ Develop design concept including color schemes, furniture styles, finishes, and materials.
⦁ Visit showrooms to determine design concept and style
⦁ Review magazine and photos
⦁ Select furniture vendors

Concept Application

⦁ Select flooring, wall covering, window coverings, lighting, furniture, fabrics, and accessories
⦁ Draw custom furniture as required
⦁ Evaluate budget and selections
⦁ Review for scale, balance, harmony, and composition

Purchasing and Procurement

⦁ Define purchases required
⦁ Write purchase orders & process with vendor
⦁ Re-select back orders & discontinued materials
⦁ Expedite orders
⦁ Coordinate crating, shipping and delivery


⦁ Converse with other trade sources as needed
⦁ On-site installation of interior furnishings


⦁ Define any unfinished details
⦁ Meet with client to evaluate project results

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