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Decorating Ideas That Won’t Cost A Fortune

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Home trends change quickly. What was in style this year could easily be out the next. Not only can home décor be difficult to keep up with, but it can be an expensive investment; not to mention the time that goes into redecorating a home! As you make home décor decisions, these are surely priorities that will be top of mind.

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If you want to instantly brighten up a room, mirrors are your best bet. When placed correctly, a mirror can reflect natural light throughout your room to make your space seem larger and more enjoyable.

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Indoor plants will never go out of style, but their planters might. Minimal and rustic design planters in stone, wood or brass are currently trending. While this is a style I love, it could change at any time. That’s why it’s reassuring to know that you can dress up a container yourself and turn it into a planter, for much less.

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Large vases make a statement, unfortunately, they’ll also make a dent in your bank account. If you enjoy painting and DIY projects, I suggest finding a cheaper vase at your local craft store and dressing it up with glass paint. You can paint it all one colour, or create a design that matches your room’s décor.

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Rustic Furniture

While you should never compromise on quality furniture if you have an old piece that just needs some TLC (try using chalk paint).

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You might not buy lampshades often and that’s for a good reason. Lampshades are expensive items, though they’ll last a long time.

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Unless it’s a piece of art you love, there are many affordable choices you have to create wall art. It could be as simple as framing a print of your favourite pattern.

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So small, yet so expensive. Throw pillows are a versatile item that can go anywhere in the home and really help pull the room together. However, it may require more than just one to complete the look. And with styles changing so frequently, you may be changing out fabrics and patterns more than you’d like.